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We're going to be homeless for the next couple of months, and moving a lot after that, so we're trying to find a good home for our cat before we move. We're near Berkeley, California.

Luna is about 4 years old, a female black and white shorthair, very sweet tempered and eager to please; spayed, litter trained (though she prefers to go outside), and all her shots are current. She's a big girl, about 14 lbs.

She likes laps, foam rubber golf balls, chasing string and bugs, and patches of sunshine on a soft rug. She dislikes dogs, loud noises, and being stepped on.

Luna's an indoor-outdoor cat now, but was happy when she was indoor only before. She has a carrier and a great cat tree, and quite a bit of food.

We have a possible home for her, but she'd have to live with two dogs and another cat, and we'd rather not put her through that. We think she'd probably be happiest as an only cat, or with a kitten she can boss around and mother (she carries her golf ball around like a kitten).

If you know someone who is looking to adopt a cat, please mention this little sweetheart!

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