Gardens, Towers & More
Lots of variety and creativity! Please wait for pictures to download (it's a trade-off between fast-loading and clear pictures. I went for clarity!)


Wini's Candy Wagon

Lee's collection of (finished!) club class projects for the last year. Donna taught the doll, Cindy the saddle shoes, Ken the bonsai tree and pot, Jeanne the breakfast tray, Diane the rugs and fairy baby, Joan the table and planter, and Lee taught the poodle skirt, jewelry, and redhaired fairy.

A few of the garden items displayed this year

Joan taught us the Fimo-tile table and duck planter this year; she added matching chairs and hutch.

Two 1/4" towers taught by Lucy Hanson.  Diane did the bottom one, and Joan the top.
A friend's tower house

Garden shed by Diane.

Wini's family picnic.  Everything's glued down, and the tables are placed so they don't collide when the box is closed.

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