The Twilight Room

The paint job
Eight shades of blue shading from pale turquoise to midnight purple.  The moon & stars glow in the dark.
The bedspread
It took a while to find just the right design; I was planning all blue, but this one (kimono by Calvin Klein) livens up the room.  The "headboard" is a pair of shams padded and tacked to the wall.

The Window Shade
Appliqued of a dozen fabrics, lined with felt for darkness and silver lame' to reflect heat out of the room, the shade is raised and lowered using a system of rings and cords.

The Nightstands
Bamboo and reed fantasy piece with four drawers holds everything needed.  I'm thinking about painting the reddish-brown interior a blue to match the wall behind--though we don't usually look at the nightstands from this angle, so the blue probably wouldn't show much.

I thought the nightstands were kind of pricey and wasn't sure if we should spend so much; Storm talked me into not only the nightstands, but a matching cabinet for the front hall; stairstepping to hold four drawers and three cupboards, even we haven't filled it yet.

The Light
Another Storm splurge.  I was planning on a plain, simple dome fixture, but he knew I'd love this Art Nouveau piece supported by branching vines.

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