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The Mini Dreamers group project this year was a castle with a literary theme, so each room illustrates a fairy tale, song, play, or legend.  More stories are featured in the rooftop gardens.  Each member created at least one room; some members crafted extra rooms, others made towers, gardens, and the handsome front gate.
First, a few pictures of the castle-in-progress; the morning of the show was the first time we set up all the finished rooms and saw the castle in its towering majesty.   We were AMAZED!

just the front gate, moat, and Diane in the background

a few more rooms, and Diane setting up the courtyard

Ken is adjusting the pea under all those mattresses.  That's Claire in the background, setting up her dollhouse.

Diane working on the Dragon Terrace; rooms on this side are nearly done, with the transparent windows in place.  The windows blocked the view of the rooms, so we took them off later.

The finished castle from the right side:

Prince Charming is headed into Sleeping Beauty's chamber; we had fun creating gardens to go with our scenes.
The left side of the castle:

The Princess in the Pea is in the center. 
Yes, you'll get a better view of each room if you keep scrolling down!

The front gate with towers, drawbridge, and portcullis was built by Ken Stanford and features Cinderella and her formerly enchanted pumpkin, as well as gargoyles, dragons, and knights.

The finished courtyard with working fountain and English sheepdogs. 
Ken's counting room can be seen above the gates.

And I know you've all been waiting for close ups of each room...

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie for the king's surprise; Dining Room by Joan Kunze

Wini Buss created a realistic Still Room for the castle herbalist.

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?  I've been to London to see the Queen!  The Great Hall was created by Joan Kunze, and features contributions from several other Mini Dreamers.

The domain of The Kitchen Gnome (he's standing to the right of the hearth) was created by Cindy Lovesy.  She gets a second picture because I love her roast pig!

The Lion in Winter was Donna Skelton's theme for her castle chapel.

Ken Stanford turned a box on end to make room for a very tall bed for The Princess and the Pea


Claire Sapp's Queen of Hearts Budoir features a rainbow of colors--scarlet, burgundy, carmine, wine, crimson, claret, and red!

Diane's Rumplestiltskin spinning room features three wonderful spinning wheels.

Sleeping Beauty by Jeanne Blades includes not only the sleeping princess but a host of fairies, both good and evil!
Diane Walter included the evil stepmother and her magic mirror from Snow White.  The carpet is a piece of upholstery she cajoled from a relative.  I'm glad she didn't have to cut up the chair to get it!

King Arthur sits in state in the Throne Room by Lee Menconi-Steiger.

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