These graphics are free for you to use and share.


To download the graphics: Right click (for Macs, click and hold) on the picture you want to download. A menu will appear. Select "save picture as", choose a directory to save it in, and click "save". When you're ready to print, double click on the picture to open it in your browser, then select "File", "Print", etc. as usual.

General directions for printing on fabric: Iron white fabric to the shiny side of freezer paper (from the same aisle as waxed paper and foil in the grocery story). Cut to size along the fabric grain lines (otherwise, it won't fringe nicely). Remove any loose threads or lint. Use whatever setting makes your printer spit out the most ink (usually the highest dpi, tell it you're using the fancy paper). Set the color brighter than you want it, it'll be lighter when printed on fabric. Do a test print on paper to check size, and adjust as desired. Put the fabric/freezer paper in and print. Let the ink dry for a few minutes, remove the paper and spray with a clear sealer. When the first coat is dry, spray the back, too.

Rooster Rugs: Print on fabric and seal as directed above, dry flat. Run a line of glue or fray check around the border. When dry, cut out rug, leaving plain fabric on short sides to fringe if you wish. The rugs print about 4" long for me, your software and printer may vary!

Chicken Cloths: Cover your tabletop snugly with plastic wrap. Print design on fabric as directed above; drape tablecloth over table while the sealer is wet, so it will drape nicely when dry. Cut out cloth with a 1/4" border of plain fabric. Fringe to the printed design all around. I used mine diagonally on an oval table, with the points hanging down on the sides. The cloths print out about 4" square for me, your software and printer may vary!


Poultry Plates: Print on paper, spray seal, cut out, and rubber cement to miniature plastic plates. Finish with a couple of coats of gloss finish. OR print on thin cardstock, spray seal, and shape over hole templates or washers. Cut out, and give a gloss finish. The plates print out about 7/8" for me; your software and printer may vary. Cindy, unlike all the other pieces here, I'm not doing a set in green specially for you. I think you should use the ones with a red border.


Cockadoodle Cannisters: Print out on paper and spray seal. Measure from the top red line to the bottom one on the Rooster design. Cut a 3/4" dowel (or 3/4" square stock) that height. Sand the ends, and paint white. Glue the paper around the wood, trimming off any excess. Repeat for each design, measuring the height for each one (they're all different) and using the following dowel or stock diameters:
Rooster: 3/4"
Chicken: 5/8"
Chick: 1/2"
Egg: 3/8"
Find a button to fit the top of each cannister (for lids) and paint them white (fill the holes first if you need to). Glue a red "E" bead in the center of each lid for a knob.


Thanks to Lisa Vollrath at Miniatures at for the black, red & green checkerboards and black cherry checkers.


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