Draco the Dragon Pin
by Lee Menconi-Steiger

draco the dragon
Youíll Need: 
  • Fabric that doesn't fray for body and wings (or fuse iron-on interfacing to the back of a fabric to stabilize it -- I used plated jersey, sort of a stretchy lamé) 
  • fusible web
  • a 12-inch pipecleaner
  • one seed bead for the eye
  • thread, stuffing
  • pinking shears
  • regular shears
  • sewing machine
  • pencil
  • fine-line permanent marker
Print out the pattern; Go to Pattern, then click on "print". He should print out about 3-1/4" wide; your browser may make him larger or smaller.   That's OK, this isn't rocket science!  Cut out the pattern.

Fold the fabric wrong sides together. Trace the dragonís body onto the back of the fabric, but don't cut it out. Use a tiny stitch length to sew along traced lines, leaving about an inch open in the belly for stuffing. 

Use pinking shears to cut out the dragonís back, from top of head to tip of tail, just outside stitching line. Use regular shears to cut out the rest of dragon. Cut open the mouth, too. 

Cut a pipecleaner in half. Fold one piece in half, and insert the fold to the tip of the dragonís tail. Fold the second piece in half, the fold down 1/2 inch of each end. Insert the two folded ends into the dragonís jaws, and bend the rest to fit inside the head/neck/body. Stuff the rest of the neck, body, and tail. Machine stitch the opening closed. Wrap the tail around a skinny dowel or pencil, then arrange in an attractive spiral, with the tip pointing out. 

Teeth: Cut white paper once with pinking shears (solid line in illustration below), then cut again with the scissor teeth halfway between the previous cut (dotted line). Trim off excess from the straight side, and glue the teeth in place.
draco's teeth
For the wings, use fusible web to fuse two pieces of fabric wrong sides together. Cut out two wings. Trace the vein marks on the wings with felt pen or stitch or embroider them. Glue or sew the wings to the body, one on each side. Add a seed bead eye and a pin back. 


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