Fishing Cabin
Front of Conservatory
This was the project for the Summer in Tahoe class 2001.  Well, sort of.

This was supposed to be a cosy bedroom, with a green plaid comforter, plump pillows, and fuzzy red slippers by the bed. 

But other Mini Dreamers will tell you that I am incapable of doing anything the way everybody else does.  You can't quite see it in these pictures, but the dog is chewing one of those slippers.

This project just cried out to be the comfortable, shabby hangout of a fishing slob.

The elegant wood-grain wallpaper was covered up with old newspapers, (I felt so guilty when Maryanne van Buskirk came to our show and saw that.  They'd had a tough time finding enough of that elegant wallpaper.  She didn't say a word...)

A pot-bellied stove moved into the corner, which left no room for the bed, so a couch and footstool were hauled in.  Liquor bottles and beer cans, playing cards, cigars, a dirty coffee mug and even a sardine can--with a fork in it--litter the premises.   Ahhhh.  Feels like home.

And I didn't doctor up this picture as well as the others, so you can play spot the bluetack.

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