Proportion Guide
copyright Lee Menconi-Steiger 1998


1. download this .gif file to your computer (for PCs, click the right mouse button and select "save file" from the menu that appears. Mac users, you're on your own). Put the file where you can find it again. 

2a. use a graphics program (such as MS Imager) to print out the file the same height you want your doll to be. To preserve proportions, allow the graphics program to select the width of the picture.

2b. or just print from your web browser and use a copier to reduce or enlarge the print to the size you want.

3. Sketch your doll's body directly over this framework and you'll have perfect* proportions every time!

*DISCLAIMER: "perfect" is defined herein as "consistent with this example, which is based on artistic proportion" ;)

proportion guide

Here are some good ideas from others:

I use something very similar; I make pipe cleaner "people" that look almost exactly like that; it's easy to position the pipe cleaner person to see it sitting in a chair, etc. --Sally G. Doty

I've been cutting out pictures of people in ads and increasing the size to match my doll head! --Linda Laird Staszewski 

Does anyone have anything similar for children at different stages? 
(E-Me and I'll add the info to this page!)

you are welcome to reproduce this guide for yourself or non-profit purposes (such as doll club newsletters), but PLEASE preserve the copyright information and page URL: https://wingsnthings.tripod.com/proportn.htm
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