The Trunks
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All the hardware is rusty, some wood is split.  There are stains and tears in the canvas covers.

The Little Trunk
Flat top.  Canvas in kind of ratty shape.  Wood slats on top.
31" wide, 17.5" deep, 13.5" high
Inside painted cream; wood bottom is split
 This is the only trunk with a label, but the center (which presumably had the manufacturer's name) 
has been scratched off.

 This trunk has the fanciest hardware of the three.

Bottom is wood covered with (rusty) metal.

The Big Trunk
Shallow dome top, canvas.  
Painted half-round wood reinforcements (slats?).  
Trunk was brought over from Italy around 1930, may be older.   
No manufacturer's marks; paper travel labels too disintegrated to read.
40" wide, 23" deep, 19.5" high at corners and 21.5" at highest part of dome.
Worse end; torn canvas.                                Hardware: lock, latch, corner reinforcement, handle
Inside:  no tray, no lid retainer.
Paper on ends is same pattern but has pink flowers and blue-green leaves.  Stripes seem to be printed on the paper as an afterthought.
Trunk bottom is rough-sawn wood; half-round reinforcements continue across bottom.

Medium Trunk
Flat top, painted canvas.  Horizontal metal reinforcement band.  
No manufacturer's marks or labels.
This one is in the best shape; it even still has the inside tray.
32" wide, 20.5" deep, 22.75" high


Paper slightly damaged; abstract pattern in shades of blue.  Remaining handle stamped "200" and "32"
Inside tray closed and open; snaps all still there, but I haven't had the nerve to test them.
                 Latches                                                   bottom; glossy painted wood

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