Gypsy Wagon

Gypsy Wagon front
As a child, Lulu saw a gypsy wagon and said, "That's what I want to do when I grow up."

As an adult, she moved her 7 kids from Ohio to California in a station wagon, and later roamed the country in an RV.

This wagon was a gift for her mumbleth birthday. She's driving, and each of her seven adult children is represented with a tool of a favorite hobby.

This is the front of the wagon, with Lulu in the driver's seat.
Left side featuring Laine with stained glass, Tril with a paintbrush, and Doug with ski poles.

All the designs on the wagon--sunbursts, lettering, cupids, and the globe supported by a pair of lions (on the wagon front behind Lulu)--were printed out and sealed before applying.
Left side
Rear of Gypsy Wagon
Jessica and her passport at the rear of the wagon.

The yellow "carved" trims on door and roofline are upholstery braids from the fabric store.
Right side showing Claire with her Harley banner and Craig with violin.

The wagon is built of foamcore; the straight yellow trim is all wood strips. The wheels were recycled off old toys. The sunburst designs behind the spokes were inspired by old circus wagons.
Right side
Storm baby
Storm riding on top with his kayak paddle (he's my Sweetie!)

The dolls' faces are photo transfers; I scanned, sized, and printed the faces on my inkjet printer, then pressed the prints against uncured model magic heads. Since this technique gives a mirror image of the original, I used a photo program to flip the pictures before printing.
Craig and his violin

The openwork trim on the wagon sides is commercial trim painted yellow. I scanned the trim piece, then created a red and blue background for it on the computer, and applied that before the trim.
Craig and violin