All about ME

I think it's time to update this page, since I've had some upheavals in my life lately. Good ones! We retired and sold our house in California in 2005 and moved to a semi-rural area on the Big Island of Hawaii. We sold or donated most of our posessions, including many of my dolls, minis, and supplies, what's left is in storage 2,000 miles away.

For the first time in 20 years, we're renting, and are starting to realize the freedom that comes with that. We're currently living in a jungle-ish area, but we could move to the beach! To the mountain! To another island! To a boat! To Australia! To Antarctica! Just kidding about the boat, I get seasick.

I've joined the Minihune Dollhouse Miniatures Group and have started a big project for 2006; a Venetian Carnival scene, for which I'm keeping an online journal that will include tips and tricks as well as my philosophy of design and construction.

As for my past, I majored in Technical/Design Theatre. Character analysis, costume and set research & creation, props and body language, as well as the fearless use of a wide variety of exotic materials such as bondo, latex, and celastic make this the closest thing you can find to a college degree in miniatures and dollmaking.

After college, I specialized in costume props--shoes, millinery, umbrellas, armor, etc.-- for the next several years, working with many local theatre groups as well as A.C.T. and the San Francisco Ballet and Opera.

Later, when I was no longer involved in theatre, I started making crafts and then one-of-a-kind cloth dolls (this site is called Wingsnthings because I used to make and sell wings and other bits and pieces for dollmaking); miniatures have lately taken over my creative mind and workshop.

Unable to keep my hands off anything with creative potential, I have also dabbled in metalsmithing, ceramics, torchwork glass beads, art welding, mosaics, stained glass, and masonry, not to mention washing machine and hot tub repair (you homeowners understand!)

I hope you enjoy this site!