Just when you'd given up on finding a miniatures club on the Big Island of Hawaii, along come the Minihunes! Founded in 2005, most of us work in 1/12th scale; one member prefers 1/4" and we're open to other scales. We meet once or twice a month in Puna or Hilo to chat, show off our treasures, snack a little, and work on projects. The page background shows the tiny dolls we made at the April meeting (taught by Peggy); they show up just about life size on my monitor!

We also exhibit our work at the Wailoa Center every few years. We're looking at 2018 for our next show.

The Minihune meeting on St. Pat's Day, 2008.
All photos by Sher Glass

The Minihune meeting in January 2006.
All photos by Sher Glass

mini anthuriums taught by Dorena in May
mini veggies from June; Peggy brought the boards, Dorena taught the veggies.
Carol's doll that wasn't available for the photo used for the page background

YES, we're open to new members! If you would like to come to a meeting (no obligation to join, of course), email Lee at epi*don'tspam, no link requests please*hok@yahoo.com Remove the *don'tspam, no link requests please* before sending your email (did you know that there is software that searches web pages for email addresses to sell to spammers? Adding that little bit of nonsense helps reduce unwanted email.) I don't check this e-ddress as often as my regular one, so please be patient.

What's with the name? The Menehune (may-nay-HOO-nay) are a pixie-like mischievous folk who have lived in Hawaii since ancient times. They range in height from about 6" (1/12th scale!) to 2 feet (that would be, let's see, 1/3rd scale) They are crafters and builders, which makes them perfect mascots for a mini club! Read more about the Menehune at Wikipedia
the Minihunes Dollhouse Miniatures Club of East Hawaii
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