by Lee Menconi-Steiger

Feb 1-14
I have been busy--getting ready for houseguests, showing houseguests a good time, getting sick while houseguests are here, husband getting sick while houseguests are here, finally getting houseguests to airport...

I was able to sneak a few minutes now and then to work. Masks, hats, sculpting, and wigs all moved forward. As I worked on sculpting faces, I worried that I'd made masks on faces that I wouldn't be using; would they fit my sculpted faces? Then I realized that the masks completely COVER the face, and only need a suggestion of eyes peeking out. Makes sculpture MUCH easier! Then I realized that many carnival costumes were long, voluminous robes. Do I need a body and legs? Probably not for some.

a practice wig for Columbine; a skull mask with bicorne; gold-trimmed tricorne

We visited the local zoo on Valentine's day; dozens of peacocks were strutting their stuff. I don't expect to use peacocks in this scene, but ain't it purty?

Feb 15-28
Lots of sculpting practice; I'm actually pleased with the hands I'm turning out! Also ready to bake: Columbina's torso and legs (with a wire to support her on the bridge), Skull man's body with legs (though I've decided he needs to be bent and twisted a bit; I'll have to be careful because there's a wire running through him already), head and shoulders for the devil and fish, and a handfull of "tortured soul" faces that will be part of the devil's robes.
The basic body for the torchbearer statues that will perch atop the bridge. I plan to make a plaster mold and press-mold two figures, then pose them around the carved staffs that will support the torches. The figures will be painted and gilded.
I've narrowed the list of dolls: Birdcage skirt, a woman with her hoops on the outside; Columbina, a pretty girl; Devil, dressed in red and black; il Dottore, with a beaky mask; Fish, Asian-inspired in orange and gold.; MIB (need you ask?); Pantaloon, a baggy saggy older man; Puppet show, a Rococo woman with a stage for a skirt; Skull man, a lean and athletic fellow; Wil Scarlett, robin-hoodish, all in red; Zany, a classic Venetian clown, and the Gondolier. I've made a chart showing what the personality and costume of each so I don't wind up with dolls that are too similar. Here are a few of their masks: MIB, Pantaloon, unknown, and Columbina--she'll wear a black domino and carry this mask in her hand.

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